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You can play from 2-6 People. Currently we are working on more rooms so more people can play. 

We recommend a minimum age from 14 years, but in mixed age group a younger person could be very helpful. 

People under 16 years have to be in company with a parent or a legal guardian or have to bring a notice of agreement.

Yes and no. In the room "1818: Save the Union" is the main room always open. 

One voluntary will be locked away in a different room but there is an emergency key in this room of course. 

First you will get s short briefing and then you enter the room where you have to investigate everything. Don't be scared, you are allowed to touch almost everything. Things you are not allowed to touch are clearly marked. You will find a lot of different objects which you can combine. Mostly they will give you a code to open for example a lock. You will find useful things for the game, but sometimes some things are just pretty decoration.

It is very important to communicate with each other to find the right solution. A lot of riddles can be done parallel to each other, but all go to the same goal in the end.

If you have any problems with a riddle, you can ask anytime for help. Some people need more help and some no help it often depends on the size and teamwork of the group.

There are some Cameras with Microphones and Speaker installed in the room so we can follow the process of the Game and also give you lead if it's necessary.

We don't save any video records, we only use the video control to help you through the game. Usually we take a photo of the group after the game which every member of the group has to allow us first with a signature.

Absolutely, you can book online or just call us before.

Yes, just call us and we try our best to give you your preferred date.

We accept cash, with EC card and also credit card.

You could park your car in the parking lot of Penny on the opposite side of the building.


The game goes about 60 minutes. With the briefing and feedback you stay about 1 1/2 hours. Please be on time.

You can cancel your booking for free within 48h before the game. Between 24h to 48h before your booking you have to pay a cancellation fee of 40 €. If you have to cancel your booking in less than 24h, you have to pay a cancellation fee of 60 €.

Of course, we are happy about every single Player as long as you don't go over the limit of 6 Persons.

We try our best to give you soon enough tips so you can make it within the time limit. If you need more than 60 minutes, we will give you a little extra time, it is important for us that every group is successful.